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Had a great day out with Rob on Saturday that included a lovely vanilla egg cream. NY egg creams are a dying art; it was great to have such a nice one!

Our Amsterdam hotel was great — it was right off Museum Square and we were fortunate enough to have a room with a long balcony at the very top of the hotel. Here’s just one of the views from our room.

Charles Bridge, in Prague. Rob and I just took a two-week trip to Prague, Amsterdam, and Paris. I have about 3,000 shots to go through! Here’s a much-filtered Instragram shot; shots with my good camera will be forthcoming in the next few weeks once I’ve edited and gone through them all.

Sorry for the uninspired title… :P Took this shot on the Staten Island Ferry back in April when some friends were visiting. The seagull was rather obliging. :D

In a cab up on 125th street, just after Christmas!

Mini-cupcake from Christmas festivities…

The Alamo, San Antonio, TX. I took this in 2008 around 6:30 am — I was in town to shoot Team Challenge at the San Antonio Half Marathon, and shot this as I was heading over to the race course.

I’ve always loved the logo of this bar…

20111228-231948.jpg Fire pit in my site rand brother-in-law’s backyard, Christmas night 2011.

Shapped this a few years ago when Rob and I were seeing Porcupine Tree play the Electric Factory. We’re such groupies!