driving the bus to hell…again…

By: metrocake

Oct 15 2007

Category: photoblog

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Bad brain! Bad! (And no, not the Bad Brains, either…)

As the five of you who read this regularly know, I’ve been going through photos for my class critique on Wednesday night. I’m currently going through two sessions’ worth of opera pictures — I had the opportunity to shoot “Romeo and Juliet” not once, but twice. I’m looking for not just nice pictures, not even good pictures…but great pictures.

For logistical reasons (and my own inexperience), not everything has come out. It’s okay. It’s why I shoot a lot if pictures. It’s also opera, where, hey, folks have their mouths open real wide at least 75% of the time — doesn’t make for flattering imagery, let alone great.

My current bus ride to hell, though, is because as I’m going through these, I’m captioning them in my head. I’ve already hummed the Officer Krupke song at least twice, and “When You’re a Jet” is gonna come up any minute now…references to air drumming and Neil Peart have also come up in the wasteland of my brain.

I wonder if any of those opera folk have a sense of humor?…

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