hello, r.e.m. peeps!

I’ve been getting a lot of traffic from other R.E.M. fans — hi, everybody! : cheery wave :

Since everyone’s here, I’m going to use my powers for good! Unfortunately, I can’t make Thursday night’s MSG show. :( I’ll be photographing Take Steps for Crohn’s & Colitis, a walk to raise funds for research for these gastrointestinal diseases. I’ll be thinking of you while I’m running up and down the Brooklyn Bridge. If you can, feel free to donate, or learn more about the diseases.

A big “thank you!” to Bertis — this made my day! I hope everyone’s dried out; my shoes are still damp, and may never be the same…

I hope everyone has a good show Thursday night! :)

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4 comments on “hello, r.e.m. peeps!”

  1. my mom suffered colitis last year and it was quite an expensive disease.:.’

  2. my dad suffered from colitis a couple of years ago, this disease is quite painful;”,

  3. colitis is damn right painful when you have it. i am really afraid of this disease”,.

  4. i was suffering from colitis a couple of months ago and believe me, the pain is horrible “;,

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