wokka wokka wokka

Been feeling a lot like Fozzy Bear lately — if I could spend my days wiggling my ears, wearing a porkpie hat, and telling awful jokes, I’d truly be happy!

Here’s a catchup since my last post:

    From the Brooklyn Bridge: Summer Sunset

  • I took pictures! I took lots of shots at the Take Steps Walk last week, including some of the Brooklyn Bridge. For a full set, click the pic.
  • I saw The Cure! R and I saw them at Madison Square Garden. They started out a little slow, but by the end of the show — three hours! — they were rockin’. Robert Smith kept making jokes about how no one could understand him… And as I looked around, I realized that Goth Nation’s gotten a little old. XD There were NO young’un’s at this concert, unless they came with their parents.
  • I met Sam! Sam is someone who I’ve known online for the past 12 years — I finally got to meet her this past weekend when she was passing through New York City — she’s moving back to the States from Vietnam. She’s lovely! HI, Sam! : wave wave :
  • Teeth! I’ve got a bum tooth that needs a root canal, so I tried to get it done last week. I’ve been really nervous about this one, and unfortunately, did not have a good time of it at the dentist — the tooth refused to numb out enough so the dentist could drill. 10 shots of Novacaine and it wouldn’t numb! My dentist suspects an infection…so now I’m on antibiotics and have to go back AGAIN. Grrrrr.
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2 comments on “wokka wokka wokka”

  1. a few videos in, the Foz tries to tell an e-commerce joke …



  2. Yay! And it was an awesome day and awesome meeting!

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