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Category Archives: around the world!

After my hard drive crashed back in January, I realized that I REALLY needed to get my act together and get my images backed up, and in one spot. I haven’t had the cash to get that drive scanned, so I’ve lost almost everything I took in 2009-2010, to my deep regret.

I’ve been working on getting the rest of my shots in one place and I’ve been going through them at the same time — here’s one from a trip to Las Vegas in 2005 or 2006. We were super-virtuous and took and early morning tour to the Hoover Dam, even calling our mothers from the top of the dam as it was Mother’s Day. :D

July holiday fireworks as taken from Rob’s parents’ boat, “Elusive.”

Not everything in Vegas glitters. I shot this out of a car window in April 2011.

20110917-052219.jpg At Crocker’s Boat Yard, CT.

Cuvée Bistro at the Greenporter Hotel, Greenport, NY.

I took this at the Babcock & Story bar at the Hotel del Coronado this past spring. Rob and I were travelling through Los Angeles, San Diego, and Las Vegas (with a Tijuana stop to visit friends!) and we spent our last afternoon in California relaxing and seeing San Diego. For some reason, I just loved this woman’s shoes…and have since gone on to buy a lower-heeled version (on sale, I promise!).

Rob and I drove around Massachusetts and Maine last summer. I’ve lost most of my shots from that trip due to a hard drive crash, but I did find shots I’d taken at Mass MoCA, an old factory converted into an amazing contemporary art museum.

This shot is from the “Material World: Sculpture to Environment” exhibition, and the installation is called “White Stag.” I shot this from *inside* one of the trees, you can see the piece from many other perspectives in this Flickr search.

From the exhibition catalog: “Wade Kavanaugh and Stephen B. Nguyen have been working with paper since their first collaboration in 2005. The versatility of the material — which can be flat or volumetric, smooth or textured, buoyant or heavy — allow the artists a wide range of possibilities for their large-scale installations which they describe as “investigations of the uncertain territory between imagined and physical space.” At MASS MoCA the duo has responded to the museum’s industrial, brick architecture with its imagined opposite: a fantastical, old growth forest fashioned from twisted, crumpled, and draped rolls of paper. The ghostly image of the decaying natural landscape, however, mirrors in some way the fading industrial landscape embodied by the museum’s repurposed factory spaces. Spanning two floors, the installation appears to grow from one gallery to the next, joining the separate spaces and providing viewers a different perspective on the labyrinthine building.”

20110909-024023.jpg I took this when I was shooting our Take Steps walks this past June — the blurriness isn’t a filter, it really was THAT foggy!

From the Lunar New Year parade in Chinatown, 2011. I was trying to shoot the parade itself, but wound up leaving late, getting lost, and only catching the very last minutes. Note to self: leave EARLY and know where you’re going!