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Category Archives: food, glorious food

Had a great day out with Rob on Saturday that included a lovely vanilla egg cream. NY egg creams are a dying art; it was great to have such a nice one!

Mini-cupcake from Christmas festivities…

Cuvée Bistro at the Greenporter Hotel, Greenport, NY.

I took this at the Babcock & Story bar at the Hotel del Coronado this past spring. Rob and I were travelling through Los Angeles, San Diego, and Las Vegas (with a Tijuana stop to visit friends!) and we spent our last afternoon in California relaxing and seeing San Diego. For some reason, I just loved this woman’s shoes…and have since gone on to buy a lower-heeled version (on sale, I promise!).

SO much has happened in the past..uh…seven months. :) I’m now a Creative Director and am no longer living on the Upper West Side — my husband and I have moved back to Astoria, Queens! (Rent: MUCH less. Space: MUCH more!) These are fresh figs from the garden of our new landlord — he stopped by and gave them to us yesterday.


Paradise Ridge Vineyard, Santa Rosa, CA

Taken at Teak on the Hudson, Hoboken, NJ. (HI HI, Marni and Kevin!)

Les Halles, downtown NYC. A good night out!

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past week or so, you know that there’s been an e.coli outbreak associated with fresh, bagged spinach. I’d been wondering what was up with that, since e. coli doesn’t just come out of nowhere and attack spinach; there had to be a means of contaminating the spinach in a big, big way.

There’s a good post here that discusses the outbreak and the implications not just for growers/consumers of spinach, but all salad greens, carrots, and other vegetables — anything that you buy pre-washed, in bags.

Good stuff to think about.