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Category Archives: girl meets boy

Had a great day out with Rob on Saturday that included a lovely vanilla egg cream. NY egg creams are a dying art; it was great to have such a nice one!

Our Amsterdam hotel was great — it was right off Museum Square and we were fortunate enough to have a room with a long balcony at the very top of the hotel. Here’s just one of the views from our room.

Charles Bridge, in Prague. Rob and I just took a two-week trip to Prague, Amsterdam, and Paris. I have about 3,000 shots to go through! Here’s a much-filtered Instragram shot; shots with my good camera will be forthcoming in the next few weeks once I’ve edited and gone through them all.

Shapped this a few years ago when Rob and I were seeing Porcupine Tree play the Electric Factory. We’re such groupies!

After my hard drive crashed back in January, I realized that I REALLY needed to get my act together and get my images backed up, and in one spot. I haven’t had the cash to get that drive scanned, so I’ve lost almost everything I took in 2009-2010, to my deep regret.

I’ve been working on getting the rest of my shots in one place and I’ve been going through them at the same time — here’s one from a trip to Las Vegas in 2005 or 2006. We were super-virtuous and took and early morning tour to the Hoover Dam, even calling our mothers from the top of the dam as it was Mother’s Day. :D

Cuvée Bistro at the Greenporter Hotel, Greenport, NY.

I took this at the Babcock & Story bar at the Hotel del Coronado this past spring. Rob and I were travelling through Los Angeles, San Diego, and Las Vegas (with a Tijuana stop to visit friends!) and we spent our last afternoon in California relaxing and seeing San Diego. For some reason, I just loved this woman’s shoes…and have since gone on to buy a lower-heeled version (on sale, I promise!).

Looks like someone gave up on those flowers today…

Here’s another from Maine — this was taken on the day we arrived. We didn’t see the sun for another two days! This is from the lake outside our hotel. We didn’t get a chance to go rowing or canoeing, sadly, but it was a very nice place to stay.

Boothbay Harbor, Maine, August 2010. Rob and I drove around Maine and Massachusetts last week. Unfortunately, we managed to get the coldest, rainiest week of the summer for our holiday — we wound up at the L.L. Bean Store in Maine not just because Rob wanted to show me but because we were in desperate need of actual hardcore rain gear!

In any case, I’m not totally in love with my shots from the trip — I think some came out okay (this being one of them) but the colors and lighting just seem off in most of them. The gray skies didn’t help, either! I might get more into my shots once I’ve had a bit more distance.