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Had a great day out with Rob on Saturday that included a lovely vanilla egg cream. NY egg creams are a dying art; it was great to have such a nice one!

Sorry for the uninspired title… :P Took this shot on the Staten Island Ferry back in April when some friends were visiting. The seagull was rather obliging. :D

In a cab up on 125th street, just after Christmas!

I’ve always loved the logo of this bar…

I took this a few years ago, in our old, old apartment at 96th and West End (we had two in that building!). It had been foggy all night and it was just starting to lift as the sun broke through.

Taken at a rooftop club a few summers ago…

Grabbed this out the window passing over the Queensboro today. :) It’s supposed to be the “Ed Koch” bridge now, but it’ll always be either “Queensboro” or “the 59th street bridge” to me…

The thing that’s always stayed with me about September 11 is what happened AFTER. The media showed so many shots of the smoke plumes, the rubble, the sheer decimation that the rest of the city’s activities were never really depicted.

I walked around for about a week afterwards clutching my camera, trying to document in some small way what was going on elsewhere.

The thing that has ALWAYS stayed with me is that so many “missing persons” signs went up all around the city, but especially around the Lexington Avenue Armory. In the first few days, that was the center of information. It was close to my workplace, and as you would walk around, you would see the “missing” signs covering walls, telephone booths, anywhere they could be hung.

Each sign is a person’s life. And each sign was hung by someone who loved them and just wanted them to come home. And that’s something I simply cannot forget.

More images here.

20110909-024023.jpg I took this when I was shooting our Take Steps walks this past June — the blurriness isn’t a filter, it really was THAT foggy!

From the Lunar New Year parade in Chinatown, 2011. I was trying to shoot the parade itself, but wound up leaving late, getting lost, and only catching the very last minutes. Note to self: leave EARLY and know where you’re going!