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Category Archives: photoblog

Had a great day out with Rob on Saturday that included a lovely vanilla egg cream. NY egg creams are a dying art; it was great to have such a nice one!

Our Amsterdam hotel was great — it was right off Museum Square and we were fortunate enough to have a room with a long balcony at the very top of the hotel. Here’s just one of the views from our room.

Sorry for the uninspired title… :P Took this shot on the Staten Island Ferry back in April when some friends were visiting. The seagull was rather obliging. :D

In a cab up on 125th street, just after Christmas!

Mini-cupcake from Christmas festivities…

The Alamo, San Antonio, TX. I took this in 2008 around 6:30 am — I was in town to shoot Team Challenge at the San Antonio Half Marathon, and shot this as I was heading over to the race course.

I’ve always loved the logo of this bar…

I took this a few years ago, in our old, old apartment at 96th and West End (we had two in that building!). It had been foggy all night and it was just starting to lift as the sun broke through.

Grabbed this out the window passing over the Queensboro today. :) It’s supposed to be the “Ed Koch” bridge now, but it’ll always be either “Queensboro” or “the 59th street bridge” to me…

North Lighthouse, Block Island, RI