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I took this a few years ago, in our old, old apartment at 96th and West End (we had two in that building!). It had been foggy all night and it was just starting to lift as the sun broke through.

Taken at a rooftop club a few summers ago…

Grabbed this out the window passing over the Queensboro today. :) It’s supposed to be the “Ed Koch” bridge now, but it’ll always be either “Queensboro” or “the 59th street bridge” to me…

North Lighthouse, Block Island, RI

This photo shot, edited, and published with my iPhone. Thanks, Steve, for making so much creativity possible.

After my hard drive crashed back in January, I realized that I REALLY needed to get my act together and get my images backed up, and in one spot. I haven’t had the cash to get that drive scanned, so I’ve lost almost everything I took in 2009-2010, to my deep regret.

I’ve been working on getting the rest of my shots in one place and I’ve been going through them at the same time — here’s one from a trip to Las Vegas in 2005 or 2006. We were super-virtuous and took and early morning tour to the Hoover Dam, even calling our mothers from the top of the dam as it was Mother’s Day. :D

July holiday fireworks as taken from Rob’s parents’ boat, “Elusive.”

Not everything in Vegas glitters. I shot this out of a car window in April 2011.

20110917-052219.jpg At Crocker’s Boat Yard, CT.