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Soho Space Invader!I’m sneaking in one more entry before October.  Under the gun, that’s me!

Work has gotten better. I spoke with my manager about not being used as a resource and not being involved in things…so that’s undergone a dramatic reversal. Be careful of what you wish for, though, ’cause I’m now in a TON of meetings, up from…nothing. That’s okay, though, I’ll take it. I’d rather be booked all day than find out about things after the fact. I’m still not committed enough to stay — I’ve been here 12 years, I think it’s time — but at least I can do good work while I’m still here, and I’m happier, too.

R and I have been running all over the place. Between class, raiding, and concerts I had somewhere to be every night this past week. A little much! Happily, there’s no class this week (thanks, Jewish Holidays!), and nothing happening Wednesday, so that balances things out a bit.

To get an idea of how crazy it’s been, in the past two weeks we’ve seen friends four times (five for R), seen Dada clowns, seen frickin’ hysterical improv, caught Weezer ( =W= ) at Madison Square Garden, started talking about moving to a new apartment, and I started my Flash/Actionscript class. (Oh, and I found a new Space Invader on Saturday night, in Soho. w00t!)

My father’s birthday was in there, too. It’s been almost eight years since he died. Hard to believe that much time has passed, hard to believe that so MUCH has changed for me in that time. If my Dad came back even for one day right now? Today? He’d have no idea where I lived, he wouldn’t know anything about who I’m married to, and he’d probably only know 50% of my friends, if that. Scary.

Anyway, all of the above, plus the work whirl, has made for one tired me. I was so out of it in my last Flash class (goes from 6:00-10:00 pm) that around 9:30, I just sat, staring at this. Just…staring. One would have thought I was drunk, or worse — but alas, I was just tired. And it was only Monday night…but hey…that’s one of my first pieces of Flash.

My homework for next Monday is to take a little animated guy and have him do things. Since my teacher’s constantly joking that all Flash pieces MUST be accompanied by bad techno, I think it’s going to be “animated dude vs. techno” and do a three-minute magnum opus. We’ll see…