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Edited to add (at the lovely hour of 12:26 am)… The movies are doonnneee! Done done done done done!
Shoehorn with Teeth
Photo Gallery

“Shoehorn” — the images in the television didn’t come out quite right…the edges of the TV are too pixelated. This isn’t a Flash issue, either, something was just not going right…I couldn’t get a clean mask. So grrrrr! I also have some things to learn about getting things into Flash — the monsters look crisp and clean, the background’s anti-aliasing. I’d done it as an 800 x 600 TIFF, but something’s up. The monsters, in the meantime, I’d exported as a SWF file and they look great. Hrm!

Also, please note — the illustrations are NOT mine; I purchased vector files from iStockphoto. :) I do have plans in mind for a little cartoon robot, but that would take way more time than I had today…or even this week.

Photo gallery — pics I’d taken on our trip to Los Angeles last year. Some of you may recognize those cupcakes. ;)

My Flash class assignment is due tomorrow, and I’m trying to figure out how I want to do this. I need to take a song, take some characters, and animate them singing the song. But the question is, what song? And what characters?

I’d originally thought I’d do the “Mighty Mouse” theme song (“Here I come to save the DAAAAYYYYY!”), but the more I think about it, the more that might not work. If I go that route, I’ll feel a pressure to make it funny. Can’t have just anyone singing the chorus! I was thinking about some cute monsters singing the verses, then Barack Obama’s head floating through to sing the chorus, but that’s only going to be funny once. The chorus repeats at least three times in the song, so I’d need to work up to Obama. Maybe He-Man for the first round, erm…something else for the second, and then Obama for the climax?

My other option is to go totally random and do They Might Be Giants’ “Shoehorn with Teeth.” It’s a happy little ditty about someone who wants a “shoehorn with teeth, ’cause he knows there’s no such thing.” :D La de la….might be easier to animate, and it’s about 13 seconds shorter, hmmmmm……