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As you all know (and if you don’t, check here and here), I’ve been trying to get my portfolio together. I’ve been using Backpack to organize my materials, which has been a tremendous help — it’s good to see what I’ve got all in one spot as opposed to scattered all over my apartment. Since these things are online, it makes it easier to do an online portfolio, as well.

Now for my dilemma. I don’t have a set design for the portfolio in my head, at least not one that can be executed fairly quickly. There are some pretty nice WordPress portfolio templates out there, though, that I can modify fairly easily and get my stuff up for viewing. Bearing in mind that I want a web-design-related job, what do I do: wait and get my creative masterpiece up and running, or get something up now, so I can apply for jobs?

There are pros and cons to each option, of course. Most of my portfolio will revolve around one site, the one that I work on for my current job. While I have depth to what I’ve done with the site — lots of things accommodating lots of looks — it’s not like I’ve worked at an agency and had many clients. Going with the “creative masterpiece” option would give me one more URL for an employer to review. (And yes, there’s the various stages of Metrocake, including this one — which is…a WordPress template. Hrm.) The biggest con: getting it done, both in the time it’ll take and even the creative patience I’ve got. My design for this changes in my head every day…it’s like the great unfinished novel.

On the other hand, the WordPress template option would help me get something up quickly, it gives me a format to follow, and I could certainly modify the template. (I’d still give credit to the original designer in the footer, as is the norm.) This would help me apply for jobs now, instead of a few months from now — and it would show that I can take someone else’s code and apply it to a new project. If I’m hired to add sections onto an existing site, that’s a valuable skill to have. The biggest con to the WordPress template is that it might make me look lazy: what business do I have applying for a web design job if I can’t be arsed to design my own site?

Feel free to weigh in; I’ve been arguing this one back and forth in my head for about a week now. :)