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Tag Archives: The Cure

Music, music, music. :D I’m chair-dancing in the apartment today — had a conversation with a friend last night about Ween, so of course I had to listen to that first thing this morning, at a rather loud volume. Right now I’m listening to The Specials. :)

Later on, it’ll be R.E.M. and The Cure — we’re seeing both of their shows in the next few weeks. I am SO FRICKIN’ STOKED. The Cure show is the one that was postponed from last fall — I’ve had the tickets for almost a year now (thank heavens they were e-mailed). The R.E.M. show, I’ve just been looking forward to — it’s at Jones Beach (yay), they haven’t been around since the last presidential election (played the day after, no joke) and that show was for “Around the Sun” — not one of their best albums. Not a great show that time — I’m hoping for a better show this time. :)

We’re seeing Rush soon, too. :) Not sure if I’ve written about this before (my “search” function is broken, about to fix that!), but after we were married — right after the ceremony was done — Rob and I walked back down the aisle to a string quartet rendition of “Spirit of Radio.” :D Rob had suggested it as a joke, but I was all, “NO, LET’S DO IT!” And then we really owned it by listing it in the program. :D

I wrote up my concert list last year, realized Porcupine Tree isn’t on it. :D And since that list, I think we saw Rush again TWICE. And Dream Theater. Great Big Sea (again). Asia! They Might Be Giants (lost count on how many times I’ve seen them.) OH, and Def Leppard with Journey!