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Tag Archives: World of Warcraft

We’ve been experiencing major, major, MAJOR lag while playing Warcraft in our apartment. This started a few weeks ago. Since we’re on a cable connection, I’d figured that some young’un was home from school and had just learned how to download porn.

But no — no, it’s not just our apartment, nor even just Manhattan. No…’s the entire EAST COAST. And it even got covered in the New York Post!

If you’re a Time Warner Cable customer and you’re having this issue, read this post and get your traceroute sent in. Call Time Warner, too. I plan to!

While I understand that the biggest latency doesn’t seem to be AT Time Warner — it seems to be happening between Internet backbone Level 3 and an AT&T server — TWC is very much a Level 3 customer. They’re also who we’re paying for broadband. If my dollars were going to Level 3 directly, I’d be on the phone with them — but as it is, I can only add my voice and ask TWC to ask Level 3 to FIX THIS.

Had a great instance run through Botanica last night — thanks, guys! — but was up a little late. Proceeded to not get any sleep last night. :P

R forgot to take his cough medicine so he kept waking me up (and yes, I was good and got him water and tried to get him to sit up). When i did sleep, my subconscious kept imploding and giving me the same nightmare…over and over again. One of my really bad ones, to boot. So sleep, nightmare, R cough, wake up, lather, rinse, repeat.

I’m pretty out of it today. I’m going to make other people proof things…